The school is equipped with more than 800 computers with advanced configurations, a central control room, audio – visual projection facilities and a central data archiving center. The school has high-tech computers with facilities such as LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, digital cameras, printers, scanners, plotters, photocopying machine and video cameras etc. all being the strength of our infrastructure.

Academic laboratory

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Ruby Mishra

Co-Faculty Incharge
Prof. Smaranika Nayak
Dr. Smitirupa Pradhan

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. D.K. Sahoo

Brief Description of the Lab
The research missions of the Applied Mechanics Lab are to develop better understanding of the dynamic characteristics of mechanical structures, and to create novel analysis, design, and control methodologies for achieving better system performance (e.g. low vibration, high stability, high precision, etc.).This laboratory provides the knowledge on the application of laws of mechanics, and dynamic behaviour of machine components.

List of Equipment

  • Friction Apparatus
  • Screw Jack
  • Cam analysis
  • Universal governor
  • Mechanical power transmission system
  • Fly wheel
  • Vibration test rig

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Shanta Chakraborty

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Sudesna Roy
Dr. Amlan Panda

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. H. K. Dhal

Brief Description of the Lab
Material Testing Laboratory demonstrates the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments. In this lab the experiments are performed to measure the properties of the materials such as impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, fatigue strength etc.

List of Equipment

  • Universal Testing Machine (tensile. compression, flexural)
  • Izod/Charpy Impact testing
  • Torsion Tester
  • Vickers and Rockwell Microhardness tester
  • Abrasion grinding wheel
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Abrasive Cut off Machines
  • Twin Belt Frinder
  • Mounting Press
  • Polishing Machine

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Sumanta Chaudhuri

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Vijay K. Mishra

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. P. K. Panda

Brief Description of the Lab
This laboratory aims at demonstrating the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics to the undergraduate students of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering students so that they can develop a sound understanding of the theoretical concepts . Further, few applications are also demonstrated. The experiments are chosen such that the entire subject of fluid mechanics is covered incluiding topics from hydrostatics, kinematics and dynamics of fluids, flow measurement and different types of flowmeters, pipe flow, major and minor losses, vortex formation, flow through orifices etc.

List of Equipment

  • Bernoulli’s apparatus
  • Reynold’s experiment
  • Flow meters
  • Pitot tube
  • Nozzle meter ( data log in facility)
  • Free and forced vortex apparatus
  • Losses due to friction in pipe ( data login facility)
  • Darcy’s law appartus ( data log in facility)
  • Minor losses in pipe
  • Electrical analogy apparatus
  • V-notch apparatus
  • Metacentric height measurement apparatus
  • Measurement of hydraulic coefficients of an orifice

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Prakash Ghosh

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. D. Singhal
Prof. Tarak Ku. Sahoo

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. P. Biswal

Brief Description of the Lab
“Hydraulic Machines, such as pumps and turbines are most usable machines for power generation and used in various engineering
application respectively. In HM Lab, different pump test rigs are there to study the characteristics different types of pump used in industries and daily life. All pump testing facilities are computerized and highly sophisticated. Also some manual machines are kept to increase the analytical ability of the students through manual calculations. Three types of turbine test rigs are there in the lab. During experiments, students conducted experiments to study the turbine characteristics under
different head, load and speed conditions. All the turbine setups are also fully computerized and highly précised. Various test rigs available are enlisted below.”

List of Equipment

  • Computerized Centrifugal Pump test rig
  • Computerized Series and parallel pump test rig
  • Computerized Reciprocating pump test rig
  • Computerized vane & Gear Pump Combined test rig
  • Computerized Submersible pump test rig
  • Computerized jet pump test rig
  • Computerized pelton wheel turbine
  • Computerized Francis turbine
  • Computerized Kaplan turbine
  • Computerized Vacuum pump test rig
  • Centrifugal pump test rig (3 phase)
  • Centrifugal pum test rig
  • Receprocating pump test rig
  • Pelton wheel turbine
  • Francis turbine
  • Kaplan turbine
  • Hydraulic Ram
  • Impact of jet

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Swarup Kumar Nayak

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Samiran Samanta

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. Chinmaya Satapathy

Brief Description of the Lab
“This lab is for both undergraduates and graduate students.  Some of the experiments which are performed by under- graduate students are performance studies of both C.I. and S.I. engines, etc. Moreover studeis on the calorific values,  exhaust gas characteristics, extensive studies of bio-diesel with both engines are done by post-graduate students in their respective project works. And besides the laboratory classes, the determination of calorific value for different fuels are done in this laboratory including the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Biofuels.”

List of Equipment

  • 1-cylinder 4-stroke DI diesel engine
  • 1-cylinder 4-stroke SI engine
  • 1-cylinder 2-stroke sI engine
  • 3-cylinder 4-stoke SI engine (Morse test)
  • 1-Cylinder 4-stroke Multi fuel (diesel, petrol, gaseous) fuel engine
  • 1-cylinder 4-stroke bifuel(petrol+alcohol) SI engine
  • 1-cylinder 4-stroke bifuel(diesel+biodiesel) DI diesel engine
  • 1-cylinder 4-stroke variable compression ratio (VCR) SI engine

Faculty Incharge
Dr. P. Chandrasekhar

Co-Faculty Incharge
Prof. Akhilesh Tiwari

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. D. P. Mohanty

Brief Description of the Lab
“Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal/retirement. All companies need to manage communications and information with their customers and their suppliers and the resources within the enterprise. In addition, manufacturing engineering companies must also develop, describe, manage and communicate information about their products (PLM). A PLM Competency Building Centre has been established partnering with Dassault Systemes, Siemens Industry Software India Private Ltd and ITC Infotech Banglore (WindChill PTC)
The Center for Building Competence in Product Lifecycle Management was established @KIIT in partnership with Dassault Systemes on 21 October 2009, to start short term certification programs and a long term programme in Technology Management with the vision to help students in the school of Mechanical/Management to develop hands-on skills with modernized courseware before they start a career. The courseware includes necessary skills in manufacturing processes and methods that are prevalent in the industries across the world.
State-of-the-art centre to facilitate PLM education and research powered by Dassault Systemes, the ‘Centre for Building Competence in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)’ was equipped with the latest computing facilities and PLM technologies. This centre can train up to 30 students equipping them with the knowledge of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions at a time on the tools like CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA Matrix one and 3DVIA etc
Under the Center for Building Competence in Product Lifecycle Management: Memorandum of Understanding been signed with Siemens Industry Software India Private Limited Global leader in PLM and with ITC Infotech, Bangalore to educate students on Siemens applications and PLM tools used widely in the industry, further upgrading it to Centre of Excellence with research projects undertaken by the faculty and students. The collaboration span into multitude of programs including Campus Connect, Internship, Industry-Academia student-employee exchange, Joint Academic/Industry/Research projects, Campus hiring etc.
State-of-the-art centre to facilitate PLM education and research powered by PTC and Siemens is equipped with software tools (100+50 User Licenses) like Windchill (PDM, MPP and Work Plan, BOM, Change and configuration management, Creo, Thingworx, IIoT etc. Siemens Tools Like NX for Digital Product Development,Tecnomatix for Digital Manufacturing, Teamcenter for Digital Lifecycle Management , Velocity Series which provides PLM for small and mid-sized businesses.”

Faculty Incharge
Dr. P. Sekhar

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. B. Surekha

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. S. Parida

Brief Description of the Lab
“Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Robotics laboratory at School of Mechanical Engineering was established to provide knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of CIM and Robotics to both the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level students in the area of manufacturing segment in the industrial fraternity. The objective of the CIM laboratory is to prepare the students’ to be industry ready and to acquire employability skills. Main purpose of this lab is to make them understand and interpret different controllers used in the industries, NC, CNC, and DNC systems, ASRS, AGV, VIS, Material handling equipment such as 6 Axis Robot, loading /unloading arm and a conveyor with the entire CIM System.
Also, it is aimed to demonstrate and understand the importance of automation and its predominant role in the assembly line of the shop floor, the operating principles of hydraulics, pneumatics, and electro-pneumatic systems, Applying these learnings to automate & improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
Digital Manufacturing Simulation Lab is also a part of the lab wherein NX CAM, CATIA/DELMIA Software Package, Real NC, Espirit CAM, Automation Studio Workspace Robot Simulation and VR CIM Software are applied for manufacturing systems simulation. This Lab provides in-depth coverage of Automation, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Robotics.”

List of Equipment

  • Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)
  • Automate Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • CNC Lathe (MTAB)
  • Loading and Unloading Arm
  • Aristo 6-axis Robot (MTAB) 2No’s.
  • CNC Mill (MTAB)
  • Assembly Station
  • Vision Inspection System
  • Pneumatic KIT
  • Hydraulic KIT
  • Pneumatic Compressor
  • Automation Studio
  • Workspace Robot Simulation Software
  • Espirit CAM (DP Technology)
  • CNC TRAIN (Fanuc OT and Fanuc OM)

Faculty Incharge
Dr. B.C. Routara

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. M.S. Khan
Dr. Rasmi Ranjan Behera

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. B. K. Sahoo

Brief Description of the Lab
Mechanical Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory covers the working principle of the various measuring instruments. Students learn to select the appropriate instrument as per the requirement of the process, and operate the same It is equipped with the following set ups catering to the requirements of curriculum for Mechanical Engineering students.

List of Equipment

  • CNC Cordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)CRYSTA APEX-S 544
  • Roundness & Cylindricity Measurement Inst(ROUNDTEST,RA 1600)
  • Contour Measuring Inst(CONTRACER, CV2100M4)
  • Roundness Tester(SURFTEST, SV 2100M4)
  • Measuring Microcsope(MF-B 2017D)
  • Profile Projector(PJ-A3010F200)
  • 2D Height Gauge(LH 600 EG)
  • Digimatic Callipers
  • Digital Dial Indicator
  • Digital Thickness Gauge
  • Digital Height Gauge
  • Digital Micrometers
  • Digital Screw Thread Micrometer
  • Digital Tube Thickness Callipper

Faculty Incharge
Dr. S. P. Kar

Co-Faculty Incharge
Prof. R. Ranjan
Dr. Santosh Ku Nayak

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. A. K. Khatua

Brief Description of the Lab
The Heat Transfer Laboratory provides the basic understanding of the three modes of heat transfer such as conduction, convection and radiation. It helps to understand the heat transfer mechanisms used in various industrial applications.
It consists of the following high end equipment with flexibility in operation. It can be both computer controlled and manually operated.

List of Equipment

  • Linear heat conduction unit
  • Radial heat conduction unit
  • Extended Surface heat transfer
  • Conductivity of liquid and Gases
  • Free and Forced Convection unit
  • Forced convection unit
  • Radiant Heat Transfer Unit
  • Concentric tube Heat Exchanger
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Heat Exchanger Service Module
  • Filmwise and dropwise Condensation and Boiling Unit

Faculty Incharge
Dr. R. K Sarangi

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. NilotpalaBej
Dr. Rajiv Lochan Mohanty

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. Siba Padarabinda Behera

Brief Description of the Lab
This laboratory helps the student to learn about state of art refrigeration and air conditioning practises starting from basic trial on refrigeration and air conditioning setup to advanced cooling techniques like evaporating cooling, dehumidification by disicaant wheel etc. The laboratory is equipeed with different refrigeration systems like water cooler unit, iceplant unit, air to air heat pump and cascade system. This laboratory also houses air conditioning system, automotive air conditioing system and air washer unit where moist air properties and different air-conditioning processes are investigated. The laboratory also provides support to some of the interseted studnets who choose their carreer in the field of HVAC. The laboratory is also well equipped to undertake various B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D. students projects in the field of HVAC and cooling technologies.

List of Equipment

  • Computerised Refrigeration Test Rig
  • Computerised Air-Conditioning Test Rig
  • Cascade Refrigeration system
  • Air-to Air Heat Pump
  • Air Washer
  • Automotive Air Conditioner
  • Ice Plant Unit
  • Charging and Evacuation Setup
  • Leak Detection Setup

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Isham Panigrahi

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. DebajyotiSahu

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. V.V.S. Adithyam

Brief Description of the Lab
In Vehicle maintenance Laboratory students know about the Tools and instruments required for maintenance of vehicles. Students also get accustomed to the Safety aspects with respect to man, machine and tools while handling automotive repairs. Students learn the General procedures for servicing and maintenance schedule as systematically done in the automobile workshops. Practically the students perform the Battery maintenance, Spark plug cleaning, Wheel Alignment, removal of bearing following standard procedure, dismantle engine block, dismantle axle housing etc. Students also get accustomed to welding, grinding, painting on Chassis frame.

List of Equipments

  •  Tyre Changer Std
  • Wheel Balancer Digital
  • Spark plug Cleaner
  • Bearing Puller
  • Hydrometer
  • Spray painting
  • Gas welding
  • Arc welding
  • Hand drill and Grinder
  • Air compressor

Faculty Incharge Dr. Isham Panigrahi
Co-Faculty Incharge Dr. P. Ghosh
Dr. Ambesh Kumar
Technical Asst. In-charge “Mr. A. K. Dhal
Mr. P. K. Mohanty”
Brief Description of the Lab
(CAE) is the broad usage of computer software to aid in engineering analysis tasks. It includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Multibody dynamics (MBD), and optimization. The Mechanical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Technology CADD lab provides a modern facility for instruction in a variety of computer software packagesThis lab provides high-performance computing for interactive CAD/CAM/CAE education and research.

List of Softwares

  • MSC Bundle ( Adams, Nastran, Patran, Dytran, SINDA, Mark, Easy)
  • Altair Hyperworks
  • Cd Adap co STAR CD

Name of Laboratory
Faculty Incharge Dr. P.C. Sekhar
Co-Faculty Incharge Dr. Abhilash Swain

Technical Asst. In-charge Ms. P. Parichha
Brief Description of the Lab “The Computational Practice Lab established at the School of Mechanical Engineering involves faculty, students, and researchers in collaborative learning activities through a complete network for better understanding and development of state-of-the-art techniques in the computational domain.
The objective of this lab is focussed on applying the theories, design, application, and development of computational paradigms, highlighting fuzzy systems and evolutionary computation, neural networks, swarm intelligence, and hybrid intelligent systems as well as their applications.

List of Equipment


Name of Laboratory
Faculty Incharge Dr. Isham Panigrahi
Co-Faculty Incharge Dr. Ruby Mishra
Dr. Anish Pandey
Technical Asst. In-charge Mr. S. Parida
Brief Description of the Lab The Mechatronics Lab includes the experiments of various types of mechatronic sensors and actuators and their interfacing with the PLC, Microcontroller, and Microprocessor boards. The working principles of pneumatic and hydraulic systems have been briefly described during experiments in the lab. Arduino microcontroller-based autonomous wheeled robot has also been developed for hands-on laboratory experiments by the students.
List of Equipment
Autonomous wet and dry cleaning robot navigation
study of Fire-extinguisher robot
Arduino microcontroller based sensor-actuator programming
Metal detector robot

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Atal Bihari Harichandan

Technical Asst. In-charge
Ms. P. Parichha

Brief Description of the Lab
The objective of the lab is to understand and reinforce the concepts of mechanics of structures, which have applications in Aerospace domain. Students perform a wide variety of experiments using various setups viz., Column buckling apparatus, Thin walled cylindrical pressure vessel apparatus, Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear Centre measurement Apparatus, Strain Gauge Trainer Apparatus, Shear force in a beam apparatus, Deflection of Beams & Cantilevers Apparatus and Continuous and Indeterminate Beam Apparatus.

List of Equipment

  • Beam Test Setup
  • Column Test Setup
  • Strain Gauge Rosette Apparatus
  • Thick and Thin walled pressure vessel
  • Combined bending and torsion
  • Truss Deformation
  • Unsymmetrical bending
  • Continuous and Indeterminate Beams
  • Maxwell Reciprocal apparatus
  • Wagner Beam
  • Impact Testing machine
  • Creep Testing machine
  • Photoelastic Apparatus
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment apparatus

Faculty Incharge
Prof. Pooja Chaubdar

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. Siba Padarabinda Behera

Brief Description of the Lab
The Propulsion Lab of the Aerospace Engineering Dept. of KIIT University is well equipped with various research level facilities. Students work on different research related activities in the lab. The lab is equipped with Low Speed Cascade Wind Tunnel with variable speed upto 60 m/sec.

List of Equipment

  • Free and Forced Convection testing
  • Combustion performance testing
  • Propeller performance testing
  • Free Wall Jet apparatus
  • Diffuser / Nozzle Pressure disctribution testing apparatus
  • Cascade testing
  • Propellant Preparation apparatus

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Atal Bihari Harichandan

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. B.N. Das

Brief Description of the Lab
“Aerodynamics Laboratory provides the students with hands-on experience and practical learning of various aerodynamic concepts. The laboratory features a subsonic wind tunnel of a miximum velocity of 50 m/s and a water flow channel. The lab is also equipped with various apparatus for flow measurements, such as multi tube manometers, pitot-static tubes, pitot rake, multi-stage traverse, etc.The main areas of study includes various flow visualization techniques. In addition, the lab has the facility to conduct experiments on jet flows, flow separation and boundary layer studies.

List of Equipment

  • Subsonic Wind Tunnel (Test Section Size :600mmx600mmx2000mm)
  • Water Flow Channel Apparatus

Faculty Incharge
Prof. Mrutyunjay Jena

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. B.N. Das

Brief Description of the Lab
“Aero engine Lab is eqipped with MiG-21 aircraft engine and Auxilliary Power Unit (APU) of IL-76 airvcraft. These are meant for familiarisation of students with the aeroengine components and systems.

Students are taught about the knowledge of dismantling & assembling of various parts of jet engine, their operational and functional aspects, maintenance practices.

Airframe Lab has one BN-2T Islander aircraft with interior and exterior details fitted in place. Students undergo training classes by the inhouse experts and personnel from supplier industry about the constructional features, specifications, operational aspect and maintenance practices. Well-equipped powered and non-powered technical and precision tools are used to perform many repair and periodical maintenance practices in the aircraft.”

List of Equipment

  • BN-2T Islander Aircraft
  • MiG-21 Aircraft Engine
  • Auxilliary Power Unit (APU) of IL-76 Aircraft

Faculty Incharge
Dr. IshamPanigrahi

Co-Faculty Incharge
Prof. Aswani Kumar

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. D.K Sahoo

Brief Description of the Lab
This laboratory is mainly focused towards the experiments in the field of Vibration Analysis of Continuous Systems, Vibration Control by the use of various types of tuned mass damping, provide familiarity to a wide range of sensors, Classical Control of Various first and second order systems.

Brief Description of the Lab
The Central workshop is intends to impart the knowledge machining to the undergraduates and provides a platform to carryout product development. Students learn all forms of machining processes using equipment such as Lathe, CNC Milling, Grinding, Welding, Sheet metal and Ultrasonic machine.

List of Equipment

  • All Geared Lathe
  • Capstan Lathe
  • Universal Milling Machine
  • Shaper Machine
  • Slotting Machine
  • Planer Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • Tool and Cutter Grinding Machine
  • Bench Grinding Machine
  • Pedestal Grinding Machine
  • Sensitive Drill Machine
  • Pillar Drill Machine
  • Power Hacksaw
  • SMAW (Rectifier Type ) Machine
  • GTAW Machine
  • GMAW Machine
  • SMAW (Transformer Type) Machine
  • GMAW Tractor
  • Oxy-Acetylene Welding System
  • Oxy-Acetylene Cutting System
  • Oxy-Acetylene Pre-heating System
  • Gas Manifold System
  • Machine Vice
  • Bench Vice
  • Shear Machine
  • Tilting Furnace
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Circular Furnace

Research laboratory

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Purna Chandra Mishra

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Swarup K. Nayak

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. P.K. Panda

Brief Description of the Lab
This laboratory provides research platform to carry out industry specific research. The research in Thermal Research Laboratory (TRL) is concerned with questions related to industrial applications. Using a combined approach of theoretical analysis, numerical calculations and experimental investigations, TRL aims to develop new or advanced knowledge for application in industrial design. Priority is given to the efficient use of energy and the minimization of the environmental impact of our future energy systems. Main research topics include thermal conversion process, Impingement cooling, Combustion dynamics and Augumented Heat Transfer.

List of Equipment

  1. Bio-diesel reactor
  2. Spray Impingement Cooling setup
  3. Interferometer
  4. Pool boiling setup
  5. Flow boiling setup
  6. Ultra-sonicator
  7. Calorimeter

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Ashok Kumar Sahoo

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Ramanuj Kumar
Dr. Amlan Panda

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. Rasmi R. Mishra

Brief Description of the Lab
This research lab provides an excellent platform to students, researchers and academicians to carryout their research. This lab has Measuring Optical Microscope, Inverted Microscope, Taylor Hobson Surface Roughness Tester, Hydraulic Mounting Press, Single Disc Polishing Machine and Infrared Thermometer instruments. This lab is mainly utilized for measuring cutting tool wear, surface topology, chip morphology, micron size object length, surface roughness, microstructure and temeperature.

List of Equipment

  1. Measuring Optical Microscope
  2. Inverted Microscope
  3. Surface Roughness Tester
  4. Hydraulic Mounting Press
  5. Single Disc Polishing Machine

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Ruby Mishra

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Md. E. Hassan
Prof. Ranjan Ku Behara

Brief Description of the Lab
The foudation of research is it’s design which is aconceptual blue print and vital component of research.Not only design but also an accurate conclusion is one of the essential components of research.Our design research lab is equppped with high processor computers with latest design software.It focuses on deriving true conclusions and making designs of equipments. Just like a scholar of research,we prepare an action before conducting our research which includes the outline of collection,mesurement and analysis of data.

List of Equipment

  1. ANSYS
  2. PLM
  4. ADAMS
  5. CATIA

Faculty Incharge
Dr. B.K. Nanda

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Ramanuj Kumar
Dr. M.P. Satpathy

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. Rasmi R. Mishra
Mr. P. K. Mohanty
Ms. Rajashree Mallick

Brief Description of the Lab
The Advanced Manufacturing Processes (AMP) laboratory is dedicated to providing cutting-edge facilities that attract the future manufacturing workforce to develop next-generation products. Currently, the demand for manufacturing in the industries entirely relies on the way the world is doing business, global competition, rapidly changing environment, precise and high-quality products. This lab supports a multipurpose and interdisciplinary working environment not only for the training but also for research-related activities. The focus of this lab is to develop indigenous products through efficient unconventional manufacturing processes as well as providing system-level manufacturing solutions. In this lab, we continually strive to acquire and intelligently apply the resources to support the industries to advance in the manufacturing field. We innovate and work to bridge the gaps in advanced manufacturing research. We have state-of-the-art facilities specifically dedicated to the R&D needs of manufacturers, and the other facilities which have the flexibility to adapt to those needs. The lab also supports the educational needs of evolving technology in the conventional manufacturing sector.

List of Equipment

  1. CNC Lathe
  2. CNC Vertical Milling
  3. Air Compressor
  4. HMT NH22 Lathe
  5. MQL Set-up
  6. Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) System
  7. Ultrasonic Machining System

Faculty Incharge
Dr. IshamPanigrahi

Co-Faculty Incharge
Prof. Aswani Kumar

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. D.K Sahoo

Brief Description of the Lab
This laboratory is mainly focused towards the experiments in the field of Vibration Analysis of Continuous Systems, Vibration Control by the use of various types of tuned mass damping, provide familiarity to a wide range of sensors, Classical Control of Various first and second order systems.

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Rathore

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Nitin Sharma
Dr. D.K. Das

Technical Asst. In-charge 
Mr. S.S. Samantaray
Mr. Ranjit Kumar Jena

Brief Description of the Lab
Composite Development and Characterization (CDC) Lab provides the infrastructural support for the research activites carried out in the area of composite materials. This lab has been funded by AICTE and KIIT (deemed to be University). The major thrust areas are (1) Development of polymer and metal matrix composites, (2) Evaluation of environmental degradation, (3) Tribological performance assessment and (4) Studies on vibro-acoustic performance of composite structures. Undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students are not only guided for their research activities but also hands on training is provided to operate different equipment available in the CDC laboratory. Some of the research activities of this lab are also in collobaration with faculties/scientists at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, and CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar. The research output of this lab has been published in various leading and prestigious journals such as Composites Part: B, Composites Part: A, Composites Structures and Int. Journal of Mechanical Sciences.

List of Equipments

  1. Universal Testing Machine (Instron)
  2. Dry Abrasion Tester
  3. Air Jet Erosion Tester
  4. Handheld Barcol Hardness tester
  5. Laboratory Oven (RT to 250 Degree Centigrade)
  6. Weighing Balance (Accuracy 0.1 mg)
  7. Magnetic Stirrer (RT to 250 °C with maximum1200 RPM)
  8. Bath Sonicator (RT to 70 °C with time control)
  9. Hand lay-up laminate fabrication tools

Faculty Incharge
Dr. P. C. Mishra

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. ManojUkamanal

Brief Description of the Lab
NI Centre of Excellence provides exceptional space to support expanded educational and research activities in the field of  engineering. This lab focuses on virtual instruments & LabVIEW software. Using these facilities, students of SME can take-up academic and industry oriented projects using NI Technologies. This laboratory was developed in collaboration with National Instruments. Undergraduates and research scholars are guided and supervised for their research activities and hands-on training is also provided to develop different applications/control systems or automate the existing system. The research output of this lab has been published in many journals of repute and 3 patents have also been filed.

List of Equipment

  1. SOLID WORKS EDU Edition – 1000 Licenses
  2. MasterCAM
  3. I mold
  4. Robot Master
  5. LabVIEW
  6. MyDAQ – 20 Nos.
  7. MyRIO – 40 Nos.
  8. NI-9213 Thermocouple Input Module – 2 Nos.
  9. Embedded Kit – 3 Nos.
  10. C-Rio – 1 Nos.
  11. NI mechatronics kit – 3 Nos.
  12. NI Image and signal processing kit – 1 Nos.
  13. My Vtol – 10 Nos.
  14. NI- 9250 Analogue module
  15. NI- 9502 Brushless servo motor module
  16. NI- 9411 Digital input module
  17. NI-9263 AO Series module
  18. Brushless servo motor – 1 Nos.
  19. Custom built 3D printer (Open source platform) with LABView control system

Faculty Incharge
Dr. A.K. Rout

Co-Faculty Incharge
Dr. Abhilash Swain

Technical Asst. In-charge
Mr. ChinmaySatapathy

Brief Description of the Lab
This lab is an outcome of research project sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi. The testing & performance analysis of both Diesel & Petrol engines along with the analysis of CO,CO2, HC & NOx produced through different designed silenser

List of Equipment

  1. Assembly Engine test rig
  2. Eddy Current Dynamometer
  3. Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Faculty Incharge
Dr. B. Surekha

Brief Description of the Lab
This lab is an outcome of DST-TARE research project sponsored by DST SERB. This lab focus on the research issues related to the fabrication of various metal matrix composites and functionally graded materials.

List of Equipment

  1. Electric Furnace
  2. Aging oven
  3. Precision balance

Faculty Incharge
Dr. Sudesna Roy

Brief Description of the Lab
This laboratory is funded by the EMR project under DST, SERB. The research is driven by undergraduate and post graduate students who have a keen interest in different types of coatings metallic, polymers as well as hybrid for myriad applications like corrosion protection, PEM fuel cell, optical and electronic coatings. The research is led by PhD scholars Mr. Pramod Mandal (JRF funded by DST) and Ms. Subrasmita Tripathy.

List of Equipment

  1. Electrophoretic deposition
  2. Low pressure cold spraying set-up
  3. Muffle furnace
    4 Air compressor