School of Mechanical Engineering has a challenging Master of Technology program with three specializations of Manufacturing Processes and Systems started with 18 seats in 2007-08, Thermal Engineering and Quality Engineering and Management, started with 18 seats each in 2011-12 that encompasses advanced study and research leading to the Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering for qualified graduates with backgrounds in engineering. The PG program curriculum involves subjects of latest trends. Two elective courses per semester focus more on Analytical, Numerical and Experimental approaches. The PG programme aims to provide knowledge of theoretical subject learned with practical application using different labs.

PG program with two specializations prepares professionals for research and professional practice. The School has well equipped laboratories for learning as well as solving real world industrial problems. The core faculty for Master course consists of reputed professors with high end teaching and or industry experience.

Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Mechanical Engineering
( Spl-Manufacturing Process & System)

2 years

Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Mechanical Engineering
(Spl- Thermal Engineering)

2 years

Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Mechanical Engineering
(Spl- Machine Design)

2 years

Our PG programme educates competent engineering professionals who are equipped to work and lead in national, international companies and research organizations and well prepared for further doctoral studies. The objective of this program is to prepare graduates to provide the foundation for constructive design, production orientated tasks and functioning cooperatively within multi-disciplinary teams. Upon graduation, our professionals work in the fields of product design and development, management of design and production projects, technical sales, evaluation of assigned projects using sound engineering principles and adhering to business standards, practices, procedures and product requirements and provide technical leadership to personnel supporting the assigned project. The master’s degree may be a terminal degree program with a professional focus, or a preparation for a more advanced graduate program.

Program Educational Objectives

The Mechanical Engineering PG program seeks to prepare men and women for productive, rewarding careers in the engineering profession. During their careers as alumni

Program Outcomes

  • Graduates will acquire knowledge in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering, apply fundamentals of mathematics, engineering and sciences and apply technologies to solve real problems in inter and cross disciplinary areas.
  • Graduates will be able to design mechanical systems, components, or processes to meet their performance needs from considerations of public health and safety as well as cultural, societal, and environmental issues.
  • Graduates will be able to engage in R &D pursuits, set up and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the data using tools, techniques and instrumentation in mechanical engineering and interdisciplinary area.
  • Graduates will be able to communicate effectively in written, oral and graphical forms, provide instructions and present the results in a professional manner.
  • Graduates will be able to acquire knowledge of the management principles, materials, processes and systems-working to function effectively as a member of team in products manufacturing and projects execution in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Graduates will be able to develop ability to engage themselves in lifelong learning, adapt new developments and participate in continuing education opportunities to remain active in the profession and foster personal and organizational growth.