Achinta Sarkar

Assistant Professor

Achinta Sarkar has carried out his PhD program at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG). He has published several research papers in various referred international journals as well as papers in various national and international conferences and proceedings. He conducted a benchmark research work to improve the emissions of dual fuel diesel engines. He completed his Master of Engineering (M.E.) from Bengal Engineering and Science University Shibpur and B.Tech from Kalyani Government Engineering College. He has vision and motivation to perform innovative research works that will have direct positive impact on the environment.

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Educational Qualification
PhD (Specialization: Fluids and Thermal Engineering)

Research Interests
Performance, combustion and emission analysis of diesel engines in dual fuel, RCCI, PCCI and HCCI modes, design and fabrication of heat exchangers, Wind turbine design, fabrication and performance analysis, solar cell development and improvement in efficiency of the commercial solar panel

Administrative Responsibility
Working as a mentor

Journals/Conferences :
Publications in Reputed Journals:

1. Sarkar, A., & Saha, U.K. (2018). Effect of intake charge preheating and equivalence ratio in a dual fuel diesel engine run on biogas and ethanol-blended diesel, ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 140, 041802-1-13. (

2. Sarkar, A., & Saha, U.K. (2018). Impact of intake charge preheating on a biogas run dual fuel diesel engine using ternary blends of diesel-biodiesel-ethanol, ASCE Journal of Energy Engineering, 144(3), 04018031-1-13. (

3. Sarkar, A., & Saha, U.K. (2018). Role of global fuel-air equivalence ratio and preheating on the behaviour of a biogas driven dual fuel diesel engine, Fuel, 232, 743-754. (

4. Sarkar, A., & Saha U.K., (2019), A critique on the research activities and potential benefits of dual fuel diesel engines run on biogas and oxygenated liquid fuels, ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 141, 060801-1-26. (

5. Sarkar, A., & Saha, U.K. (2020). Assessment of Dual Fuel Diesel Engine Performance by Modulating Biogas Flowrate and Intake Charge Preheating, International Journal of Ambient Energy (

6. Sarkar, A., & Saha, U.K., (2020). Energetic and Exergetic Analyses of a Dual Fuel Diesel Engine Run on Preheated Intake Biogas-Air Mixture and Oxygenated Pilot Fuels, ASCE Journal of Energy Engineering (Manuscript Accepted).

7. Sarkar, A., Dabi, M., & Saha, U.K. (2018). Supplementing the energy need of diesel engines in Indian transport and power sectors, Sustainable Energy and Transportation : Technologies and Policy, A. Gautam, S. De, A. Dhar, J.G. Gupta, and A. Pandey, eds., Springer Singapore, Singapore, 61–86 (book chapter). (DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-7509-4_5)

Conference Papers:

1. Sarkar, A., and Saha, U.K. (2017). Effect of biogas flow rate and intake charge preheating in a dual fuel diesel engine, National Conference on Sustainable Mechanical Engineering: Today and Beyond (SMETB), March 24−25, Tezpur University, India.

2. Verma, V.S., Bora, B.J., Sarkar, A., Saha, U.K., “Experimental investigation of a dual fuel diesel engine run on scrubbed biogas using the method of adsorption,” Proceedings of the ASME 2014, 12th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ESDA2014, June 25-27, 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark. (

Books :
Book Title: Sustainable Energy and Transportation: Technologies and Policy
Chapter citation: Sarkar, A., Dabi, M., Saha, U.K., (2018). "Supplementing the Energy Need of Diesel Engines in Indian Transportation and Power Sectors," Springer Natura. (