About School of Mechanical Engineering


To deliver world-class education and research in Mechanical Engineering, with particular regard to their application in industry, healthcare and commerce in a diverse society.


  • To prepare students for professional career, higher studies or entrepreneurship.
  • To facilitate students to utilize fundamental technical knowledge and skills in Mechanical engineering, to analyze and solve problems, and apply these abilities to generate new knowledge, ideas or products in academia, industry or government.
  • To encourage and facilitate students, to involve themselves in high end research work through continuous learning, to build skills beyond curriculum.
  • To integrate training in engineering principles, critical thinking, hands-on projects, open-ended problem solving to build up creative abilities and research spirit.
  • To impart the essential skills of leadership, teamwork, communication and ethics so that they can interact and communicate effectively (written and/or oral) with others (e.g., supervisor, client and/or team).
  • To engage students with alumni, industry, government, and community partners through outreach activities in order to inculcate global perception.