Asit Behera

Assistant Professor

Asit Behera works as Assistant Professor in KIIT University in School of Mechanical Engineering. He holds a master degree from NIT Rourkela in Production Engineering. He began his professional career in teaching as assistant professor in June 2014. He has 4.5 years of teaching experience in KIIT University. He has experience in working with EDM, Laser welding, superalloy etc. He has published his research work in various renowned international journals and conference proceedings. He has also written a book on ‘ EOT crane model’. He has been a presenter at numerous research conference.

He is proficient in MINITAB, STATISTICA, ADAMS, Solid works, CATIA and MATLAB. He has taught subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Measurement and Control, Metrology and Quality Control, Material Science and Engineering. He looks forward to work on superalloy and its characterization.

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[email protected]
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Educational Qualification
Ph.D. (pursuing)

Research Interests
Superalloy, Laser welding, Optimization Techniques, EDM

Administrative Responsibility
1. Faculty co-ordinator of IIC, KIIT 2. Member of Quality Assurance Cell, KIIT

1. A lifetime member of 'Institution of Engineering and Technology' 2. A life time member of 'The Indian Science Congress'

Outreach Activity
Nominate students to take part in 'National Innovation Contest' organised by 'MHRD Innovation Cell'.
Journals/Conferences :

1. Asit Behera, T. J. Deka, K. K. Joshi, “Optimization of process parameters in Electro-discharge machining of EN24 steel using Grey-Taguchi method”, Journal of Experimental & Applied Mechanics, 2016, Vol. 7, issue 2, ISSN: 2230-9845.

2. A. Behera, Asit Behera, S.C. Mishra, “Martensitic transformation characteristics of Ni-Mn based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys”, International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences, 2013, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 205-208, ISSN: 2252-8814.

3. Asit Behera, S.C. Mishra, and A. Behera, "Tribological study of Al2O3/TiO2/Cu composite by using pin-on-disc wear machine", Elixir Chem. Phys., 2013, Vol. 61, pp. 16672-16674, ISSN: 2229-712X.

4. A. Behera, S.C. Mishra, Asit Behera and J.P. Dhal, "Porosity Analysis of Plasma Sprayed Coating by Application of Soft Computing", Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Materials, 2013, DOI:10.1155/2013/150671.


1. Asit Behera, Pratoh Sourav Sahu, Saroj Kumar Patel, “Application of Taguchi Methodology for Optimization of Process Parameters in Laser Bending of Al Sheet”, Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier, 10th international conference on materials processing and characterization, (2020).

2. Asit Behera, A.K.Sahoo, “Wear behaviour of Ni based superalloy: A review”, Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier (2020),

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