Priyabrata Mohapatra

Assistant Professor

Dr. Priyabrata Mohapatra received Ph.D Degree in the department of Industrial Engineering Management of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, B-Tech degree in department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, UCE Burla and M-Tech in department of Mechanical engineering with Production Engineering as a specialization from National Institute of Technology Rourkela. He had published papers SCI journal like IJPR, IJCIM, PPC, AE journals and international conferences also. He had six years of teaching experience in school of mechanical engineering in KIIT University as Assistant Professor. During these years, he worked thoroughly in area of Manufacturing, Intelligent manufacturing, Soft Computing, Supply Chain Management, Multi-criteria Decision Making and Optimization. Optimization etc.

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Educational Qualification
Ph. D.

Research Interests
• Supply Chain Management • Process Planning and Scheduling • Industrial Engineering • Robotic and Automation • Project Management • Optimization Methods • Manufacturing System • Operations Research

Administrative Responsibility
1. Hostel Superintendent, KIIT Boys Hostel(KP1) 2. Faculty In charge, Library of School of Mechanical Engineering at KIIT University Bhubaneswar 3. DC member in KIIT University

Awards & Honours
1. Excellence in reviewing award to recognition of an outstanding contribution to the quality of Computers and Industrial Engineering(CIE) for 2013 2. Best paper presentation in AETM-2015 Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. 2015 3. COSMIC- Outstanding Researcher Award for the contribution in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Technology at AETM-2017, Bangkok 2017

Outreach Activity
Editorial Board Member • Scientific and Technical Committee & Editorial Review Board on Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. REVIEWER OF INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (Part: A) • International Journal of Production Research(IJPR) • Computers and Industrial Engineering (CIE) • International Journal of System Science (IJSS) • Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (JIM) • International Journal of Production and Economics (IJPE)
Journals/Conferences :

• P. Mohapatra, LyesBenyoucef and M.K. Tiwari, Realizing Process planning and scheduling Integration through adaptive setup planning, International Journal of Production Research, 2013. Vol. 51, Issue 8, pp 2301-2323.
• P. Mohapatra, LyesBenyoucef and M.K.Tiwari, Integration of Process Planning and Scheduling through Adaptive Setup Planning: A Multi-objective Approach International Journal of Production Research, 2013, vol51, Issue-23-24, pp7190-7208.
• P. Mohapatra, AshutoshNayak and M. K. Tiwari, Multi-objective approach in intregration of process planning and scheduling using Controlled Elitist Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm. InternationalJournal of Production Research 2015, Vol. 53, Issue.6, Page-1712-1735.
• P. Mohapatra, Arijit Bhattacharya, Vikas Kumar, Prasanta Kumar Dey, Malcolm Brady and Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Green Supply Chain Performance measurement using fuzzy-ANP based balanced scorecard: a collaborative decision making approach. Production Planning and Control , 2014.Vol. 25(8), page-698-714.
• P. Mohapatra, Nitesh Kumar, Andrew Matta andM. K. Tiwari, A nested partitioning based approach to integrate process planning and scheduling in flexible manufacturing, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 2015, Vol.28, Issue-10, page-1077-1091.
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