Manoj Ukamanal

Assistant Professor

Manoj Ukamanal is working as Assistant Professor in School of Mechanical Engineering in KIIT University from 2015. He received his Ph. D degree in Mechanical Engineering from KIIT University Bhubaneswar in the year of 2019 and M. Tech in the year of 2014. He was previously an analyst engineer in TATA Consultancy Services, Pune, India. His research interests are in Impingement heat transfer, Nano-particle and nanofluid application in heat transfer, Computational fluid dynamics, Hard Machining, Thermal Systems Design and Optimization and Run-out table in steel rolling mills. He has been teaching thermal engineering related courses in UG & PG level. He has developed many automation tools while serving in TCS and KIIT. He has published 2 international patents and 15 research articles in journals / conferences (SCI/SCOPUS).

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Educational Qualification

Research Interests
  • Impingement heat transfer
  • Nano-particle and nanofluid application in heat transfer
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Hard Machining
  • Thermal Systems Design and Optimization and Run-out table in steel rolling mills
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Administrative Responsibility
  • Assistant Controller of Examination of School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty Incharge of NI-Innovation Center, SAP, Database Management
  • Website Development
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Awards & Honours
  • Awarded certificate of appreciation from TCS, twice for his performances in projects, which were highly appreciated by the client.
  • Delivered about 30 projects in TCS with an average customer satisfaction index of 98%
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  • Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), Lifetime member
  • Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Lifetime member
  • International Association of Engineers (IAENG), Lifetime member
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Outreach Activity
Patents: 1. “PATTERNATOR FOR MASS FLUX MEASUREMENT”, Authors: Dr. Purna Chandra Mishra, Manoj Ukamanal, Dr. Santosh K. Nayal, SME, KIIT University Application No: PCT/IB2017/056782, Publication No: WO/2018/087626 2. “RUN-OUT TABLE MECHANISM WITH WIRELESS CONTROL”, Authors: Dr. S. M. Padhy, Dr. Purna Chandra Mishra, Dr. Ruby Mishra, Manoj Ukamanal, Mr. Subham Shah, Mr. Achintya Kambli, SME, KIIT University. Application No.: PCT/IB2018/058698. Publication No.: WO/2019/102288 Activities: • Core committee member of ICAMME 2019 international conference. • Coordinator of ICBDEA-2020 international conference. • Counselling students (Mentees) towards academic and career excellence.
Journals/Conferences :

1. Ukamanal, M., Mishra, P. & Sahoo, A. Effects of Spray Cooling Process Parameters on Machining Performance AISI 316 Steel: a Novel Experimental Technique. Experimental Techniques, Springer, 44, pp.19–36.
2. Kumar R, Sahoo AK, Mishra PC, Das R. K., Ukamanal M., (2018), “Experimental investigation on hard turning using mixed ceramic insert under accelerated cooling environment.” Int J Ind Eng Comput, 9:509–522.
3. Nayak SK, Mishra PC, Ukamanal M., Chaini R (2018), “Experimental Result on Heat Transfer during Quenching of Hot Steel Plate by Spray Impingement.” Heat Transf Eng 39:739–749.
4. Chandra Mishra P, Kumar Nayak S, Ukamanal M., (2017), “Effect of Impingement Density and Nozzle to Target Distance on Spray Cooling of Steel Plate—An Experimental Investigation.”, Heat Transf Eng 38:1198–1208.
5. Mishra PC, Das DK, Ukamanal M., Routara B. C., Sahoo A. K., (2015), “Multi-response optimization of process parameters using Taguchi method and grey relational analysis during turning AA 7075/SiC composite in dry and spray cooling environments.”, Int J Ind Eng Comput, 6:445–456.


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5. Manoj Ukamanal, Purna Chandra Mishra, Manasee Mishra, Susant K. Sahu, “Experimental Investigation on Mechanical and Thermo-physical characteristics of Al-SiCp Metal Matrix Composites”, International Heat Pipe Conference, IIT Kanpur, 2013.
6. Santosh K. Nayak, Durga Prasad Ghosh, Purna C. Mishra, Manoj Ukamanal, and Rajeswari Chaini, “Multiple Impinging Jet Arrays: An Experimental Investigation on Fluid and Heat Flow”, International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power December 12-14, 2014, IIT Kanpur.
7. Nayak SK, Pattanaik BP, Ghosh DP, Ukamanal M., (2013), “Experimental investigation on a diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel produced from waste cooking oil.”, In: 2013 International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies for Sustainability, ICEETS 2013. pp 501–507.
8. Susant Kumar Sahu, Purna Chandra Mishra, and Manoj Ukamanal, “High Pressure Spray Impingement Cooling – A New Trend in Wet Machining”, International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power December 12-14, 2014, IIT Kanpur.
9. Panda, S. R., Mishra, P. C., & Ukamanal, M. (2018). Effects of modified waste fly ash reinforcement on mechanical behavior of novel ALFA composite. Materials Today: Proceedings, 5(11), 24827–24835.
10. Kumar R, Das R. K., Sahoo A. K., Mishra P. C., Ukamanal M., (2018), “Comparative Assessment on Cutting Performances of Multi Coated Carbide Insert in Dry and Spray Impingement Cooling Environments.” IOP Conf Ser Mater Sci Eng, 377:012058.

Books :
1. Manoj U., Mishra PC, Sahoo AK, Subhashree P (2019), “Experimental Investigation of Bio-Oil Based Nanofluid Spray Cooling During AISI 316 SS Turning”. Advances in Interdisciplinary Engineering. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Springer, Singapore, pp 277–285.